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luminous lagoon (glistening waters) 

The lagoon is the home of a rare phosphorescent microbe – (a dinoflagellate) - that lives where the warm fresh waters of the Martha Brae River meet the salt waters of the Caribbean sea. In the 18th century when sugar was king, the lagoon housed a wharf where large vessels from England unloaded goods onto smaller ships to be delivered inland up the river. Once inland, these boats would reload with sugar, rum and other Jamaican exports and carry them back to the harbor. Years after the decline of the sugar trade, scientists discovered the lagoon's geographical location was important for another reason. It was the single best place to observe and study microorganisms called dinoflagellates, which thrive in the layers where salt and fresh water combine and glow the brightest in shallow, warm water. The constant movement and flowing of the river causes the microbes to move and glow with a neon-green color. The phosphorescence is so marked that the fish swimming in the lagoon have been likened to moving stars. The activity stirred up by tourist boats and swimmers only enhances the effect. This unique microbial phenomenon can be found in just four places in the world, and Jamaica’s Luminous Lagoon is considered the best place on the planet to experience it.

The boats take you into the lagoon at dusk.  As the water is disturbed, you'll see an eerie light illuminating the waters. Wave your hands in the water to make the water glow in the dark. 

During the cruise, the boat stops to allow travelers to swim in the shallower portions of the lagoon, with the waters glowing around them as they enjoy the tropical ambience surrounded by mangroves. Do not pass up this opportunity. This is a real can’t-miss adventure for all visitors.

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