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Splatmaster is a low impact paintball especially design for children; it shoots color filled round Ammo resulting in a Splat. The Ammo is 100% biodegradable, non toxic, resists stains, and easily washes away with water. Splat Masters are spring loaded and shoot at a ve- locity of 110-140 feet per second. At this speed, you can see the Ammo in the air before you see the satisfaction of your splat. Playing combat against your friends is fun – we know it, and you know it. There is nothing like making that perfect shot and getting your opponent out! But, before you take it to the field, we will make sure you and all those around you are following a few basic safety rules.

Splatmaster is a new child-friendly way of playing paintball which we provide for children from 8 years old and up. Splatmaster uses low-impact; color-filled ammo resulting in a “SPLAT!” that easily washes away with water after the child get home. Children can now have just as much fun as the adults making the paintball experience an adventure for the whole family. The game session is at least 90 minutes long and is perfect for the whole family.

Food, picnic benches and restrooms are also available at the facility so the only thing you will need is cash or credit card, a camera, and an adventurous spirit. Coverall is also available for rental.
  • Minimum: 8 years old
  • If younger than 18 years, a parent/guardian of the child will need to sign a release form.

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