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Beach Horseback Ride and Swim

Your Beach Horseback Ride and Swim adventure begins as you are greeted by your driver/tour guide. You will be transported to the Horseback Ride facility where you will be greeted by the eager staff at the facility who will be waiting to show you a good time. You will receive a safety briefing before setting out on your ride. Helmets are provided upon request. The ride will be a single file ride. Your ride will be slow along the trail as most riders are not experienced. There will be places along the way where the horses will be able to trot a little. Ride through wooded areas, where the Taino Indians used to hunt for food. Ride through a natural wetland shaded by almond trees, coconut trees, and other different species of trees, see the excavations carried out by archaeologists, keen to uncover the deep-rooted history of this area.  Enjoy this once in a Lifetime experience of swimming on your horse in paradise. With this experience you will enjoy riding the horse for approximately 70 minutes, which includes the swim section of approximately 10 minutes. Please remember to wear swimwear, water shoes/sneakers and to bring a towel (swimsuit can be worn under your clothes). Proper attire long pants /shorts just below the knees, water shoes/ sneakers, remember to bring a towel. Bare legs are not recommended, however if you do wish to ride in shorts above the knee, please bring a towel. The guides will put the towel over your saddle for you to sit on so that your legs will not rub or get pinched by the saddle. Saddles are kept on for the entire ride.

Strick weight limit of 240 pounds. General weight checks are done and anyone over 240 pounds will NOT be able to do the ride and your cost is nonrefundable.

Sandals are not recommended. Big bags like backpacks are not allowed on the ride. We suggest a fanny pack or small bag that can go across your shoulder in front of you (nothing bulky), in case you would like to carry your phone/camera. Children must be at least 6 years old. Not recommended for pregnant women. Not recommended for people with back problems.