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Mystic Mountain Sky Lift Explorer and Jamaica Bobsled

 Experience two exciting activities on this one Mystic Mountain rain forest excursion package: the Sky Explorer (chairlift), and the Jamaica Bobsled. Embark the Sky Explorer/chairlift for a fun ride up 700 feet through the tropical forest canopy. Explore the Mystic Mountain treetops, have a magnificent view of the nearby Dunn's River Falls from up above and spend a few minutes at the peak exploring the interesting educational displays about the history and culture of Jamaica and her people. Once the Sky Explorer carries you above the trees to the peak. Next get ready for the best ride of your life on the thrilling bobsledding adventure in Jamaica. After an orientation, you then board your specially made bobsled, and hold on as it plunges through 3280 feet of twists and turns down the mountain. After coming to a controlled stop, you are slowly lifted back to the top on an elevated tramway. Complete the sensational setting of your adventure with the Mystic Waterslide and Infinity Edge Pool — perched on the edge of Mystic Mountain. The infinity edge pool welcomes guests just outside the Mystic Pavilion, providing the perfect modern counterpoint to the stunning tropical hillside .The all-stainless steel monolithic 77-meter water slide features a unique seamless construction to produce a smooth, fast and truly exhilarating ride, and is accessible from both the pool deck stairway and the third floor terrace of Mystic Railway Station. It’s a great way to cool off at Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios Jamaica. One can also enjoy a spectacular lunch at the restaurant overlooking the bay of Ocho Rios while on the mountain. Lunch cost not included in adventure package.