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Ocho Rios Highlights with Lunch

Our island of Jamaica has the best to offer. We are here to make sure you have the time of your life. By doing so we offer a tour we like to call, Ocho Rios Area Highlights/Sightseeing tour. This tour includes Fern Gully visit, Spice Mountain, a drive through the Local Village and Shaw Park look out, all of these stops are picturesque. Shaw Park look out is situated above the town of Ocho Rios; you will get to witness the great view and see the entire town all at once. On this adventure tour it gives you the chance to see how the natives live and go about their day to day activities. We will provide you with a fantastic time to fulfill your shopping fantasies. On this shopping adventure you will visit the captivating locations which Downtown Ocho Rios has to offer. Some of these locations include: Soni’s Plaza, Taj Mahal and the local Stall/Craft Market at Pineapple place. While you are indulging away in your shopping bliss; you are going to smell the amazing aroma of food in the air. Scotchies is a local Jamaican outside restaurant. Which serve authentic Jamaican food like Jerk chicken, Jerk Pork, Jerk Sausages, with sides like roasted Breadfruit, Festival, sweat roast potato and Rice with Peas (Beans). You are probably wondering what is Festival; Festival is like dumpling(flour mix), but picture it fried with a sugary taste to it. It is really delicious. A breadfruit is grown on a tree and when it reaches maturity we pick it, once it is picked we roast it on the fire and when it is done it has the texture of bread. From personal experience I enjoy Scotchies; it is one of the best Jerk Centers in the area. If you’re feeling special treat yourself to some soup. From good customer service to great food, what better way to end your tour with!