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Sun Valley Plantation

 Enjoy a 45 minutes scenic, coastline, countryside drive with us as we take you to Crescent Oracabessa where the Sun Valley Plantation is located. Sun Valley Plantation is a working plantation and botanical farm owned and operated by Lorna and Nolly Binns. You will be treated to personalize service every step of the way as Lorna and her staff take you through a little piece of Jamaica you will never forget. They offer enjoyable garden tours in a plantation setting beside the Crescent River. Upon arrival all guest are greeted with a welcome drink of the fruit that is in season. You will have fun meeting and leisurely strolling about with your host on lands that are steeped in history, and have been producing a variety of tropical fruits and food for over 250 years. The 90-minute tour of the plantation tells the story of the property from the slave era to present day. Learn about tropical fruits and plants, and the therapeutic and medicinal values of the trees, herbs, and spices that you will see while on the plantation. Along the way you can sample a variety of fruits straight from the trees, like the mysterious jelly (coconut), otaheite apple and other exotic fruits. At the end of your tour on the plantation, Jamaica’s National Dish, and more with a variety of natural juices will be served