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Dunn's River Falls and Shoppimg

Dunn's River Falls is about 600 ft above sea level, with beautiful crystal clear water running down the mountain into the ocean. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to climb all the way up the mountain. There are places along the way where you are able to slide down into pools of water, take a swim and climb again. It’s the most popular Caribbean attraction...There are trained guides at the falls who will assist you up the falls, or if you are more daring you can take the climb without the guides. There are also places where you can change your clothing and rent shoes if you do not want to use your own sneakers for climbing adventure. Please bring a towel and cameras should be waterproof if you are climbing the falls. Lockers are available for rental where you can store your belongings. It is an experience you have to see and feel and you will cherish.

Our island of Jamaica has the best to offer. We are here to assist you to experience every segment of it! We will provide you with a fantastic time to fulfill your shopping fantasies. On this shopping adventure you will visit the captivating locations which Downtown Ocho Rios has to offer. Some of these locations include: Soni’s Plaza, Taj Mahal and the local Stall/Craft Market.

While you are indulging away in your shopping bliss; you are going to smell the amazing aroma of food in the air. If you’re the kind of person that has the taste for a little Jamaican Patty; you will be able to satisfy those patty cravings by going to Mother’s or Juicy Patty restaurants. If you have never eaten a Jamaican Patty before, you are most definitely missing out!! The Jamaican Patty is a delicious snack. There are various types of Patties; in fact, some include beef, chicken, cheese, lobster, etc. The meat is placed inside of a delicate scrumptious golden crust. To top things off; you can never go wrong with a coco bread and box juice. These combinations will make you feel like a true Yardie!