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Dunn's River Falls with Lunch

Dunn's River Falls is about 600 ft above sea level, with beautiful crystal clear water running down the mountain into the ocean. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to climb all the way up the mountain. There are places along the way where you are able to slide down into pools of water, take a swim and climb again. It’s the most popular Caribbean attraction...There are trained guides at the falls who will assist you up the falls, or if you are more daring you can take the climb without the guides. There are also places where you can change your clothing and rent shoes if you do not want to use your own sneakers for climbing adventure. Please bring a towel and cameras should be waterproof if you are climbing the falls. Lockers are available for rental where you can store your belongings. It is an experience you have to see and feel and you will cherish.

On our return trip back to your ship we stop at a local Jamaican outside restaurant. Which serve authentic Jamaican food like Jerk chicken, Jerk Pork, Jerk Sausages, with sides like roasted Breadfruit, Festival, sweat roast potato and Rice with Peas (Beans). You are probably wondering what is Festival; Festival is like dumpling (flour mix), but picture it fried with a slight dash of sugar to it, it’s really delicious. Breadfruit is grown on a tree and when it reaches maturity we pick it, once it is picked it’s roasted on the fire and when it is done it has the texture of bread.  If you’re feeling special treat yourself to some soup. From good customer service to great food, what better way to end your tour with!